Efrosini Katsikonouris is a PhD candidate in Educational Sciences, at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, a kindergarten teacher – a graduate of the School Preschool, Graduate Department of Education and Early Childhood Education of the University of Athens and graduated from the Law School (Law Department) Democritus University of Thrace. She holds a masters degree in Education with specialization in Hellenic Open University and degree majoring in Counseling and Guidance from the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education. She was vice president of the Association of Teachers and Preschool postgraduate of Marasleio Teaching, spokesman postgraduate Nursery service Teachers Athens, Executve secretary and vice president of the Board of OMEP (Annex Athens). She is chairman of the Scientific Association of Graduates of service Teachers Athens and President of the Greek Committee of the World Organisation for Early Childhood Education – OMEP Greece. She has taught at IEK in PEK at Athens Preschool Teachers and Preschool Education Department of the TEI of Athens. He is also a trainer and evaluator adult educators – EKEPIS and LAEK certified mediator of EADAP and has been a trainer at the Pedagogical Institute, in OEPEK in Athens Municipal Creche programs. He participated in the organization of study visits to the institution Reggio Children – Reggio Emilia and Kindergartens Cyprus University of Athens. Also participated in the drafting of the program service Teachers Athens Department of Education and Early Childhood Education of the University of Athens.

She is a founding member of scientific associations related to preschool education, and  research interests focus on issues related to children and anyone concerned with the care and upbringing. She has participated with articles, but also as a scientific consultant and responsible issue in several scientific journals on the child of preschool age, as well as publishing books. She has presented papers at many conferences in Greece and abroad. She participated in the educational programs implemented in ”ASYLUM SEEKERS SHELTER – FUTURE”