Maria Batsouta is a kindergarten teacher with graduate studies in Design and Development of Educational Units specializing in Information and Communications Technology Management. She worked 23 years in public kindergartens and 16 years was School Director for Early Childhood Education in Attica . She was elected as a town councilor (2014 – 2019) in the municipality of Amfikleia – Elatia.
As a School Adviser Early Childhood Education has been working on alternative forms of training, issues of bilingualism and intercultural education with classroom management problems as well as transition issues in elementary school, especially immigrant children.
Participated as trainer executives education in the European project Listening to young children, Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation, programs «Synergy» of EADAP in programs and use and exploitation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the educational process in devising program the University of Athens and many other programs of the Ministry of Education, the Pedagogical Institute and the PSE.
His writing and research work refers to all of the above.
Finally, certified trainer of adult non-formal education and ICT.