Under the programme “health-welfare” 2000-2006, which was funded by the 3rd community support framework, implemented an action plan entitled: COOPERATION SERVICES PUBLIC HEALTH and HEALTH PROMOTION OF VULNERABLE SOCIAL GROUPS. The institution has undertaken this project is TEI of ATHENS, Department of health and welfare units Administration and intended to training staff employed in public sector welfare services, so as to be able to provide the necessary support to single-parent families, especially those with preschool and first-school age.

The training program focuses on:

  • in the study of structural characteristics of individual elements of a typology for single-parent families (m.)
  • an analysis of cultural differences, such as those arising from the space frame and affect both the molding of Avg. and structural/subjective treatment in society
  • the emergence of qualitative components of the problem, which is particularly important in the fields of education, economy, politics, participation in the institutions and the relationship with the local government and local communities
  • in the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data on the Average, the study of welfare and support strategies in Greece and other European countries.

The EADAP contribute to the achievement of these objectives by providing know-how for creating a Training Guide for single parent families.

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