EADAP organizes study trips for the purpose of information exchange and collection, as well as to promote networking between schools in Greece and abroad. These trips are aimed at local government and ministry employees, educators, and officials of associations and other bodies.

To date, study trips have been arranged to the following cities:


2008 Goree (Senegal)
Bratislava (Slovakia)
2007 Nioyri (Northern Ireland)
2006 Dublin (Ireland)
Warsaw (Poland)
2005 Dublin (Ireland)
2004 Vilnius (Lithuania)
London (United Kingdom)
Gielgkaba (Latvia)
2003 Bratislava (Slovakia)
Frenteritsia/Beile (Denmark)
Atzitzea (Romania)
Bestmpi (Norway)
Soest (Germany)
2002 Florence (Italy)
Atzitzea (Romania)
Island Ag. Daisy (France)
Manchester (United Kingdom)
2001 Split (Croatia)
1994 Paris (France)
Pistogia (Italy)

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