This book presents the ‘tale’ of an effort made to renew the educational system in Greece. In cooperation with research teams in various European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and others) EADAP examined the factors involved in pedagogical praxis in combination with the specific features of each educational environment. A corollary of this effort was the Synergy program, which to date has been implemented with great success in preschool education. It is an innovative form of participative and cooperative training, based on a clear theoretical and methodological framework, combined action research with training. This schema deviates considerably from training received by educators to date because:

  • it rejects training in the form of seminars
  • actively involves all staff of an educational organization
  • takes place at work during working hours
  • is based on the needs and desires of educators
  • is implemented over a long time frame.

Greek and foreign experience showed that the Synergy program is a flexible training schema which can be adjusted to varying conditions such as the institutional framework, the level of education, the teaching materials, and so on. It is aimed at educators at all levels and all bodies interested in training their staff.