The book introduces us to the concept of inter cultural dialog and examines its various potentials through activities intended for the training of adults. It aims to allow individuals and groups to participate in an open dialog about living and working in a multicultural society, like the one Greece has become.

The occasion that prompted writing a book like this one was the long-term participation of EADAP in a European adults’ training project. Adults’ trainers coming from seven European organizations cooperated with a common goal to create a meeting place for educators and trainers who were active in the fields of typical and non-typical adults’ training, within and out of the European Union.

The manual’s 22 activities may be implemented within an educational context (e.g. classroom, training seminars), in the workplace, within the community and in day-to-day life. They highlight ways by which inter cultural dialog -an issue that is sometimes treated vaguely- may translate into specific actions and inspire others. Various educational methods and techniques are presented, in order to convey the message of inter-cultural dialog to all participants, independently of their educational and social background. Special emphasis is put on expressing creativity through dramatization, the use of objects and visual aids, music, dance and written material.