The project aims for transnational mobility, in order to carry out a vocational training program, involving on the one hand Lions Infants and Child Care Center, based in the Strovolos Industrial Area, in Nicosia, Cyprus, and on the other hand EADAP. The needs that prompted Lions Infants and Child Care Center to participate in this mobility project have to do with the upgrading of the quality of services provided not only to children but to parents as well. In particular, the educational personnel of the Lions Infants and Child Care Center expects to get training courses in order to become acquainted with the latest developments in pedagogical issues pertaining to early years education, to expand their knowledge, skills and qualifications, and to facilitate personal development in the area of preschool education. Besides, Lions Infants and Child Care Center anticipates to adopt the innovative educational systems and practices that EADAP can offer through its specialization in educational and pedagogical methods for infants and preschool children. Moreover, one of the anticipated results is the development of the competencies of educators, as well as the utilization of their skills in the labor market. EADAP will focus on the transfer, improvement and update of innovative methods and practices in the field of preschool education, as well as exchange experiences with their counterparts. The Lions Infants and Child Care Center team that will take part in the placement consists of 12 persons of high educational standards and great experience. In what EADAP is concerned, four members of the organization, highly specialized in pedagogical issues, will offer their services to the aforementioned team.

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