The aim of this study was to put forth the significant qualitative elements in the function of the organization, to locate the points of its malfunction and to give worth to good practices which facilitate management, organization and professional development of manpower. Its data may in the long run constitute the foundation for further interventions aiming towards improving service provision in reception structures for young children in Greece.
The sample of this study included interviews with managers from various departments of the Athens Municipal Crèche, heads of bureaus and pedagogues, as well as a focus group with staff from day care centers.
The study was concluded in January 2012 and showed that Athens Municipal Crèche covered the fundamental infrastructure in dices. However, significant adjustments were required in order to boost a favorable working climate and a strategy which will promote its self-development. Opening up towards parents may activate forces which are confined and kept inactive, and create a sense of security to young children and their parents who live in Athens, in order to achieve a smooth transition from the family to the first qualitative, extra familial social environment.

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