The purpose of this research was to study authentic pedagogical practices for natural science activities and cooperation between nursery school teachers in one or more nursery schools in implementing these activities. The research team was comprised of experienced nursery schools teachers and an academic. The results of this research have been presented:

  • At the workshop entitled Alternative forms of training and professional development of primary school educators organized by OMEP – Crete Branch, in Heraklion, 4 December 2004.
  • At the conference Natural Sciences in Preschool organized by the University of Cyprus, Education Dept., in Cyprus, 30 January – 1 February 2004, and have been published
  • In Bagakis, G., Papamythiotou, M., Siolou, K., Merikou, P., Aktypi, A. and Angeli, E., (2006) Methodology for natural science activities in preschool education. A case of self-training and critical support of nursery school teachers. Athens: Metechmio Press.

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