An adult education scheme entitled “Parent – Teacher Partnership for Children’s Transition to School” (06-GRC01-S2G01-00034-1 and 07-GRC01-GR04-00064-2). From 2006 to 2008 in cooperation with Poland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Czech Republic. The aim of this learning partnership is to design and implement an innovative training program on a pilot basis in five European countries which will be aimed at parents, nursery school teachers and primary school teachers to promote cooperation to ensure a problem-free transition for children from nursery school to primary school. One initial step taken has been to conduct a detailed investigation and analyze the needs of all persons participating in the transition of children to school process such as parents, teachers, children, representatives of local government, and others, via qualitative research conducted simultaneously in all countries. The pilot plan for the training programme was based on the results of this European-wide survey. Parents, nursery and primary school teachers from five countries will participate in the training, will assess the training programme plan and the teaching materials that will be prepared. .

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