The main objective of this research is to contribute to a stronger training role for the school counselor. It explores effective forms of cooperative, participative and distance training, which will be the key tool in supporting communication, providing support to schools in areas within the counselor’s remit. It includes:

  • Identifying the needs of school counselors in terms of training, support and coordination of schools.
  • Planning – scheduling, the praxis and action of planning training by each school counselor
  • Systematic observation of the results of the action using the detailed discussion and research log method.
  • Review and critical analysis.

The research is still underway. To date the following documents have been published as part of the research:

  • Batsouta, M. (2006) Cooperation Guide. How to achieve cooperation between teachers in a school. Athens: Athens 2nd Primary Education Directorate
  • Data from the first two years has also been published in the context of the 8th Conference of the Unit for Methodology Programmes in Education on ‘From technical rationale of educational changes to innovative attempts emerging at school, held at the Leontio High School, Patissia, 12-14 January 2007.
  • In Bagakis, G. (ed.): (2006) Educational changes, the intervention of the educator and the school. Athens: Metechmio Press, at the 7th Conference of the Unit for Methodology Programmes in Education on Educational Changes. The intervention of the educator and the school, held at the University of Patra Conference and Cultural Center, 8-10 April 2005.

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