The action “action of Equity” focuses on the development of competencies between the Member States of the European Union to address socio-economic inequalities in health. The action involved 24 partners from 17 EU Member States Many of the major public health challenges in adult society have their roots in the early years of life. Therefore, actions to tackle health inequalities should start already in early childhood and continue throughout the coming years of education.

The purpose of this action is the participation of stakeholders from different sectors and promoting a successful cooperation to effectively tackle inequalities in health.

The EADAP participates in the Greek team coordinated by the University, together with the Tei and NGOS NOSTOS. The purpose of the group is the creation of a network to enable operators to a synergy with universities and technical institutes as equal partners to achieve common goals, especially on the issue of quality of life, taking into account all views and suggestions regarding the problems shows the Greek health care system.

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