EADAP offers a range of:

1. Introductory seminars on themes of interest to educators, executives and those directly involved in training activities. Both themes and duration are jointly planned with partners.

2. In-Service Training Programs

The issues, time and duration are planned jointly with partners. The methodology is the product of lengthy studies and collaborations with education institutions abroad. “Synergy” is the name of this training program.

Based on principles of adult education “Synergy”:
– develops cooperation between teaching staff and parents.
– promotes parents’ and staffs’ active participation in school activities.
– improves teaching provided by educational institutions and improves their status
– presents data and products developed during the project in joint communal events

“Synergy” has been assessed by EADAP (see book “Synergy: 10 years”). It can be adapted to different educational settings and meets participants’ cultural needs. Synergy includes:

  • theoretical seminars (developmental psychology, active listening practices, organizing and designing welcoming of parents and children, etc.)
  • innovative teaching practices in the workplace (eg parallel workshops, teaching-corners, open classes)
  • use of teaching media (video, photography, visual aids, etc.)
  • parent contact techniques
  • Human Rersources animation techniques