Diffusion of cultural heritage
Preservation of cultural heritage is a priority that should underpin both education and the Greek family. Respect for tradition, preservation and dissemination of the Greek language and family relationships characteristic of Greek society are key factors in developing a sense of self-esteem and promote Greek identity
Our cooperation with renowned agencies and programs implemented both in Greece and abroad, have given us the ability to understand children’s and young people’s real needs. We emphasize the role of education in the family and its potential to arm the child with skills that will strengthen its’ capacities to meet the demands of society.

We organize:
– Neighborhood celebrations with a cultural character involving the participation of other local organizations, parents’ associations and guardians.
– Parent-Children Activities. These educational activities can be supported at-distance and are take place in venues frequently visited by local communities and their children. These activities are addressed to preschool children who do not yet attend Greek schools.
– Cultural Family Excursions for parents and guardians.

We create:
– Training material drawn from local communities’ place of origin. With local communities’ and families’ help, we collect oral-history material from  grandparents, songs, tales, games and lullabies which we use in the activities, provide  to parents for home-play with their children or incorporate in our educational programs. .
– Educational material on local traditions, cultures and history.