EADAP designs, realizes and supervises the implementation of programs for preschool and school age children. Based on recent scientific findings, these programs offer enjoyable and creative activities that strengthen children’s capacities and promote their development.

All programs have an experiential character. Children are provided opportunities to explore their environment through experience and experiments that enrich their knowledge and organize their thinking. Activities are based on an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and pedagogical interactions and are conducted by experienced mediators in the classroom.

Appropriate educational teaching aids, together with childrens’ active participation in all stages of the program, create a unique recreational and educational experience that all students deserve to experience!

For further information and reservations you can contact by phone: 2108224487 and by email: info@eadap.gr (person in charge: Vicky Alexopoulou).


Day…Night…With the little prince

Let’s Travel

Where did the droplet drop?