Following years of studies, EADAP has created numerous user-friendly products that support educational programs for both children and adults. The pedagogical tools are developed and diversify as programs expand and the beneficiaries and their needs change.

Intercultural Dialogue Guide

The Intercultural Dialogue guide is addressed to teachers, to promote familiarity with the concepts of respect for diversity and opposition to prejudice and stereotyping. Offering specialized hardware, the Intercultural Dialogue Guide aims at giving teachers a methodological base for planning and implementing pedagogical programs instigating recognition and acceptance of diversity, combating prejudices and stereotypes, enabling cooperation, teamwork, experiential learning and the joy of harmonious sharing among children and with adults.

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Educational Suitcase

‘MAZI’ program training activities suitcase is a tool / stimulus for educators to help them focus their action on cultural dialogue. Proposed activities may be used  as they are or as a reference to “create” new activities. An additional aim of this suitcase is the exchange of ‘best practices’ between educators from various structures, and the collection of children’s suggestions for improving the life- conditions of immigrant young children. The attachment below describes the content of the educational suitcase.