Tullia Musatti is a Research Director at CNR (National Research Council) in Rome, Italy. Since 1998, she has been responsible for the research department of CNR’s Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies. She manages researches conducted in the field of the cognitive and social development of young children, both in educational institutions and within the context of their families. She is also interested in innovations regarding reception services for young children and the evaluation of their quality, on which issues she has conducted a significant amount of action researches. She has written and co-written several books and has published articles in scientific and professional journals, in Italian, English and French. She is president of the association Gruppo Nazionale Nidi Infanzia, which, among its participants, includes educators and preschool teachers, coordinators of preschool institutions, executives, elected officials and researchers. The association promotes the study of topics pertaining to the quality of life of young children and the quality of the reception services for them. It also probes into innovative approaches so as to influence the operation of preschool institutions and the relevant political decisions.